Faculty Members






Current Ph.D. Students



Yixue Zhao

Reducing User-Perceived Latency in Mobile Apps via Data Prefetching
Joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2014

Passed Ph.D. Qualifying Exam in Spring 2019

Suhrid Karthik

Suhrid Karthik

Joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2017

Nikola Lukić

Joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2018

Marcelo Schmitt Laser

Joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2018

Adriana Sejfia

Joined the Ph.D. program in Fall 2018

Ph.D. Alumni

Marija Mikić-Rakić

Dissertation: Architectural Support for Disconnected Operation in Highly Distributed Environments
Graduated: July 2004
Destination: Google

Nikunj Mehta

Dissertation: Composing Software Architectural Styles from Architectural Primitives
Graduated: September 2004
Destination: C3

Roshanak Roshandel

Dissertation: Calculating Architectural Reliability via Modeling and Analysis
Graduated: October 2006
Destination: Seattle University

Sam Malek

Dissertation: A User-Centric Approach for Improving a Distributed Software System’s Deployment Architecture
Graduated: May 2007
Destination: George Mason University

Chris Mattmann

Dissertation: Software Connectors for Highly Distributed and Voluminous Data-Intensive Systems
Graduated: August 2007
Destination: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Yuriy Brun

Dissertation: Self-Assembly for Discreet, Fault-Tolerant, and Scalable Computation on Internet-Sized Distributed Networks
Graduated: March 2008
Destination: University of Massachusetts

Chiyoung Seo

Dissertation: Prediction of Energy Consumption Behavior in Component-Based Distributed Systems
Graduated: May 2008
Destination: CouchBase

George Edwards

Dissertation: Automated Synthesis of Domain-Specific Model Interpreters
Graduated: August 2010
Destination: Quandary Peak Research

David Woollard

Dissertation: Domain-Specific Software Architecture for Large-Scale Scientific Software
Graduated: January 2011
Destination: Vdio

Daniel Popescu

Dissertation: Dependence Analysis for Distributed Event-Based Systems
Graduated: November 2011
Destination: Google

Ivo Krka

Dissertation: Deriving Component-Level Behavior Models from Scenario-Based Requirements
Graduated: November 2013
Destination: Google

Joshua Garcia

Dissertation: Cataloging and Detecting Architectural Bad Smells
Graduated: May 2014
Destination: University of California, Irvine

Hossein Farshad Tajalli

Dissertation: A Reference Architecture for Integrated Self-Adaptive Software Environments
Graduated: August 2014
Destination: Nvidia

Jae young Bang

Dissertation: Proactive Detection of Higher-Order Software Design Conflicts
Graduated: March 2015
Destination: Daum Kakao

Gholamreza Safi

Dissertation: Identifying Interaction Anomalies in Event-Based Systems
Graduated: June 2016
Destination: Cloudera

Youn Kyu Lee

Dissertation: Reducing Inter-Component Vulnerabilities in Event-Based Systems
Destination: Samsung

Arman Shahbazian

Dissertation: Techniques for Methodically Exploring Software Development Alternatives
Destination: Google

Duc M. Le

Dissertation: Codification and Analysis of Architectural Decay
Destination: Bloomberg