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SEALANT is an integrated technique that protects vulnerable ICC paths on which malicious interapp attacks can take place at runtime. SEALANT automatically identifies vulnerable ICC paths between a given set of apps. It then inspects each intent sent via those paths to detect potential attacks, and enables end-users to block the attacks before they actually take place.


  • Analyzer
  • Interceptor
  • Controller
  • Evaluation

  • Comparative Analysis
  • User study and Survey
  • Publications

    Youn Kyu Lee, Jae young Bang, Arman Shahbazian, Gholamreza Safi, Yixue Zhao, and Nenad Medvidovic. “A SEALANT for Inter-App Security Holes in Android.” Accepted for the 39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE17), 2017.


  • Youn Kyu Lee ()
  • Ruhollah Shemirani ()
  • Jae Young Bang ()
  • Nenad Medvidovic ()
  • Copyright (c) 2016 Youn Kyu Lee. [more]