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The objective of the competition was to develop a robot that could recognize different objects and take them to predetermined locations.

Kambiz-Dana won the second prize of part two of The 2nd Iranian Robot Contest, University of Tehran, 2001.


 Robot Technical Feature:


This robot utilized computer vision to recognize the objects in the pitch which were:

1. Yellow tennis balls

2. Red soap boxes

3. Black cans

The robot had a tank which provided four empty spaces and made it capable to carry four objects simultaneously and consequently expedited the gathering algorithm. There was special mechanism in front of robot for catching 4 objects and take them to their relative location which you can see in picture.


Using a camera which was attached on the head of the robot, it recognized each object according to its relative color.

The robot could fine his way by the same algorithm that Little Kambiz used. It took a picture and found the optimum object to pick up, identifying its identity and position. Then it went toward the object, picked it up and kept it inside itself.


The robot had a programmed microcontroller inside which controlled it low level task and received the high level command from PC through serial port.

Using a very precise feedback for each wheel in addition to eight infra-red sensors, the robot could follow the path accurately.


Download dana1.mwv (1.0 MB)

Download dana2.mwv (694 KB)



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