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Hero Kambiz


The objective of the competition was to develop a robot that could recognize different objects, read the alphabet that was printed on the surface of them and take them to predetermined locations.

Hero Kambiz won the first prize of part two of The 3rd Iranian Robot Contest, University of Tehran, 2002.


 Robot Technical Feature:


To maximize the stability of robot in abrupt turns and high speed, we had to put the camera inside the robot. One mirror above the camera made him capable to view his front. The picture was transferred to a PC. The high level programming in Matlab, captured the picture, processed it and send proper commands to robot through serial connection.


He had one arm and one wrist. By appropriate combination of general commands he could grab and move any object. Motor controller board was specially designed to provide different speed and acceleration using PWM signaling. The control of arm and wrist was independent of other parts, consequently robot had some multi task capability. It means that he could move his arms or open his wrist while moving.


Hero Kambiz had one micro controller. Six general commands were defined and programmed in that 89C52 micro controller. The commands were : Turn , Move_Stright , Arm , Grab , Little_Kambiz and Halt. Each command had a variety of arguments which made robot movement and performance so flexible.



He had a well trained neural network which was stored in a PC that was connected to his camera. Another program captured the picture and determined the area which the letter exist and send it to the neural network.

 Summarized Characteristics:
  • Well-trained Neural Network for character recognition.

  • Image Processing Algorithm for navigation, locating the objects and specifying the area of alphabet letter.

  • DC motor control board with the capability to adjust speed and acceleration by software.

  • 3 degree of freedom.

  • Multi task system controlling (Independence of his motion and movement of arm and wrist)

  • Extra infra-red sensors to support navigation
  • Precise feedback systems for measuring the movement of wheels and arm.

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