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 Team Members

Hossein Tajalli :

I was intrigued with robots and automated systems since I was a kid. Finally, some of my classmates (my great friends) and I started the R.H.A. robotics team. R.H.A. was a great opportunity for me to realize my ideas, and on top of that, to learn how to work in a team. Being in this team is the greatest experience in my life.
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Alireza Nakhai:

I got interested in designing mechanisms and mechanical systems before high school. Since then, I have been enjoying producing a system, which can operate automatically and tried to create different stuffs.
Because of my interests in this field of science, I chose mechanical engineering as my field of study in university. Designing and making a hovercraft in the second year of university, made me familiar with the students of electronic department who wanted to establish a robotic group.
Now, there is about 3 years that we are working with each other in that group.
As a last word, I appreciate joining of mechanics and electronics, which can cause big progresses in the world of engineering.

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 Reza Hadjikhani:

    I became a member of this team in year 2000. I started without any experiences but trying to work hard to be a good member of the team.

    Now I can see that I have learned and experienced many things and some of them are very important to me. First of all I can see that we can work together as team members, understand the situation and find the most effective place inside the team, then to find the most efficient way to make things together. Have this feeling that all members are working hard to improve one goal and believe that this improvement will improve all team members.

I saw how evolution happens and how a structure grows larger and more complete on firm basics which are thinking, experiencing and sharing.

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Hormoz Kaykhanzadeh:

First of all I would like to appreciate all of my teammates who taught me a lot. Within these three years of robotics activities, I gained many experiences. At the first sight, it seems that what we acquired was just some scientific advancement by getting acquainted with and implementing new concepts such as image processing, neural network and so on. But to me, this issue is valuable because of learning how to adapt myself in a teamwork project and how to converge our ideas in a one unique goal. Our first robot (Ancestor Kambiz) just had the capability to follow a black line and most of the times it did not work accurately. But three years later, our final robot (Hero Kambiz) could reliably distinguish different objects, recognize alphabetic letters, grabbing and moving any object, find his path and etc. This trend was consequence of previously mentioned collaboration in addition to studying and employing new technologies and innovations.

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Kaveh Abhari:


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Reza Farivar:

I was one of the three founders of this Robotic team, actually the starting “R” in the name of the team (RHA) is extracted from my first name! (“H” is for Hormoz and “A” is for Amir Farzam). I remember the first day, that Hormoz, Amir and I gathered in Dr. Kaatuzian’s office, and he encouraged us to work with each other, It was some time in the October 1999. Since then we’ve participated in so many robotic contests, and many other activities, both social and technical. We even built some websites! This is a great team, and although all of us have graduated from our B.S. university (AKU) and are now studying in M.S. courses in different universities, as members of the team, we’re still best buddies!

As a last word, I have this vision of making a big progress in the world of engineering within our team some day. Some thing like sending a robot explorer to Mars!!!

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