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Nenad Medvidovic

Nenad Medvidović
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE TSE
Professor, CS Department
Viterbi School of Engineering
University of Southern California
Office:   SAL 338
Phone:   +1-213-740-5579
Fax:       +1-213-740-4927

Mailing Address
     941 Bloom Walk (SAL 338)

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781

  • Joshua Garcia (Ph.D. 2014) joined UC Irvine as an Assistant Professor
  • Duc Le (Ph.D. 2018) joined Bloomberg
  • Arman Shahbazian (Ph.D. 2018) joined Google
  • Youn Kyu Lee (Ph.D. 2017) joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Marija Mikić (Ph.D. 2004) promoted to Engineering Director at UC Google
  • Yuriy Brun (Ph.D. 2008) promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at UMass
  • Sam Malek (Ph.D. 2007) promoted to Full Professor with Tenure at UC Irvine
  • Collaborative-Design Conflicts: Costs and Solutions published in IEEE Software
  • Empirically Assessing Opportunities for Prefetching and Caching in Mobile Apps presented at ASE 2018
  • Leveraging Program Analysis to Reduce User-Perceived Latency in Mobile Applications presented at ICSE 2018
  • An Empirical Study of Architectural Decay in Open-Source Software won Best Paper Award at ICSA 2018
  • SEALANT: A Detection and Visualization Tool for Inter-app Security Vulnerabilities in Android won Best Tool-Paper Award at ASE 2017
  • Continuous Analysis of Collaborative Design won Best Paper Award at ICSA 2017
  • Mining Archiectural Information to Stem Technical Debt funded by Google (2019-2020)
  • Constructing a Community-Wide Software Architecture Infrastructure funded by NSF (2018-2021)
  • Rooting Out Data- and Control-Flow Anomalies in Event-Based Systems funded by NSF (2017-2020)
  • Ensuring Security of Android Software via Tailorable Multi-Layer Customization funded by ONR (2017-2020)

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Short Bio

Nenad Medvidović is a Professor in the Computer Science Department and in the Informatics Program at the University of Southern California. He is a faculty associate of the Institute for Software Research (ISR) at the University of California, Irvine. Medvidović is the Founding Director of the SoftArch Laboratory at USC. He has served as Director of the USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering (2009-2013), and Associate Chair for Ph.D. Affairs in USC's CS Department (2011-2015).
He is the current Area Lead for the Computer Systems Area in USC's CS Department.
Medvidović is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. He has served as Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT) (2015-2018), and Chair of the Steering Committees for the International Conference on Software Engineering (2013-2015) and the Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (2015-2017). He was the Program Co-Chair of ICSE 2011.

Medvidović received his Ph.D. in 1999 from the Department of Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine.


Medvidović’s research interests are in the area of architecture-based software development.
His work focuses on event-based architectures; architecture recovery, maintenance, and evolution; middleware facilities for architectural implementation; domain-specific architectures; architectural styles and patterns; and architectures of distributed, decentralized, mobile, resource constrained, and embedded systems. He is a co-author of a textbook on software architectures.

Medvidović is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER (2000) award, the Okawa Foundation Research Grant (2005), the IBM Real-Time Innovation Award (2007), the USC Mellon Mentoring Award (2010), and the OCEC Distinguished Engineering Merit Award (2018). He is a co-author of the ICSE 1998 paper titled “Architecture-Based Runtime Software Evolution”, which was recognized as that conference’s Most Influential Paper. Several of his papers have won "Best Paper" awards at conferences and "Most Cited" recognitions from journals. Medvidović is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and an IEEE Fellow.